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Album Review: Looking Back 2022

"For the Beerworth Sisters, there is musicality in everyday family life: the patter of little feet running in the sunshine; the soft, soothing tone of a sympathetic sibling's word; the sound of a father's voice and a mother's tears."- Natalli Amato

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Teacher and Student Work Together on Music Video

"The band’s new album, “Looking Back,” will be released the first week in December of 2022, and Kessler is again working on music video production for the album." -Liberty Darr


The Best Vermont Albums of 2020

The Best Vermont Albums of 2020

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"Another Year, the wonderful new album from the “Sisters,” draws on old folk traditions without sounding dusty and dated. “Lord Take My Sorrow” or “Mourning Dove” sound like pieces that’ve been kicking around the American songbook for decades, but are, in fact, originals."

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Album Review: Another Year, 2020

"Think of the close, twining harmonies of the Everly Brothers or the Carter Family. Indeed, you'll find no shortage of opportunities throughout the album's eight songs to marvel at the beauty of Anna Pepin and Julia Beerworth's delicate, interweaving vocal work." Dan Bolles

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The Beerworth Sisters, Featured on, "The Ranch"

Music on the "The Ranch"

Featured Songs: Simple Things, Some Kind of Man, Stay with Me, Housewife

"Just like that. Netflix purchased one song called “Simple Things,” a song written by Anna Pepin (Beerworth’s sister-in-law) and Julia Beerworth— they go by the name The Beerworth Sisters. And more recently “Stay with Me,” a song Beerworth wrote for her solo album “October Blossom,” which she just released last month(October, 2018)." Elsie Lynn Parini

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Kenny Chesney’s “No Shoes Radio”

Listen to "Simple Things" here!

"Kenny Chesney launched “No Shoes” Radio on the Internet in 2009. Some of the music inspirations reportedly were his iPod playlists." Wow, wow. wow. We were pleasantly surprised to hear some of our songs played on this station! 

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Album Review: Simple Things, 2012

"There really is beauty in simplicity. For proof, look no further than the appropriately titled debut from Burlington-based duo the Beerworth Sisters, Simple Things. Spare and elegant, the album is a striking collection of material that succeeds on little more than strong songwriting and solid performances, presented as straightforwardly as possible." Dan Bolles

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